Out of Frustration Comes Introspection

I’ve recently found myself increasingly involved in the local neighborhood watch program.  While in some ways, it feels good to be invested in the town that I grew up in, this also means that I have a heightened awareness of the unpleasantness that exists here. I know that every place has its ups and downs, but it’s a little different when things are (literally) hitting closer to home.

Case in point: A poster on one of the forums commented earlier, making generalizations about a particular neighborhood (the “bad” part of town) and the people who live there. As someone who grew up in this particular neighborhood, and who has dealt with many amazing people from this section of town, I took offense to the poster’s statements. I also take issue with the fact that people are more willing to sit back and place the blame than to take any initiative to come up with any productive contribution. I posted a response, explaining my perspective. I thought I was being rational. I thought that I did a fairly good job in keeping my composure.

What I failed to recognize was the fact that I was engaging in an argument on the internet.

“grow up allison” was the reply that I received from another poster, maintaining their anonymity via screenname.

Of course.

My initial response was amusement. That quickly turned to irritation, and then frustration. I’ve been putting a lot of energy into my involvement in the community. Is this how people show their appreciation?

If the others in this town don’t care…if this is the attitude which permeates, then what is the point? What, exactly, am I doing this for?

It is that question which I hope to explore in this blog.

What is it about Kingston that holds me here?

What sets it apart?

Is it really worth saving?

I guess we’ll find out…


About Allison Gray Teetsel

Writer. Linguist. Research junkie.
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